Artistic propositions


99.9 % empty Space

29 three-dimensional objects out of clay,  installation-environment, jury of June 2011, ECAV.

This installation invites spectators to roam amongst these open heads whilst looking at  serigraphies depicting an almost invisible pattern, the structure of a net. The number 99.9 in the title - which also refers to the giant blank space left in the installation - represents the percentage of emptiness constituting an atom «x». These heads were shaped without a model, so that their faces were formed by immanent gestures. As their gender is not mentioned, it does not play a role. Their shape, as a vase, tends to neutralise the classic antinomy of the interior versus exterior, building a bridge between them through the void. Therefore, these figures can be seen as multiple poles of a network reproduced on paper all around the space.


video installation including several video loops, stills, jury of January 2011, ECAV.

DISPLAY: One box with one spy-mirror side in which a video camera is placed .

EXPERIENCE: A vast range of people (35 persons including me) took part in an experience of introspection. Left alone and warned about the presence of the camera without any further indication, they were exposed to their own image and just had to look at themselves in the mirror for 15 minutes. Notice that it is not an easy task, which we generally avoid.

EDITING: In a second time, I selected a segment of 3-4 minutes per person in order to obtain random changes of portraits in the  final installation.

RESULTS: This experience results in seeing mobile portraits, in which one finds indecipherable and minuscule facial expressions; a different yet similar world at the same time - stays hermetic and any thoughts remain mute. Many gazes cross within this room, trying to shed light on the problematic relationship everyone maintains with their own «self» and image.