Artistic propositions


I, no-I // Je, non-je

video loop (french, without subtitles yet), 7 min. & 10 sec., pre-diploma's jury of January 2012, ECAV.



"Je, non-je soustrait au jeu des apparences,

obnubilé, se dévoile -

absence, impersonnelle présence.nbsp]

Je, non-je s’efforce d’apparaître - irréel,

sifflé à travers son langage.

Je, non-je, symbole qui s’auto-décrypte

fictif incarné, je, non-je

présente la figure homme,

analyse le je générique."


In this videographic work, a figure whose features are hidden under a second skin - an integral suit simultaneously permitting the embodiment of nobody and a human subject «x» - recites a theoretical poem. The text principally constructed by oxymorons recalls the condition of the figure, the points of view of an «I» submitted to an auto-analysis about his relation to him/herself as to any forms of exteriority. A constant bass accompanies the voice close to one of a machine. Flagrantly androgynous, the person (etymologically, «one who speaks through a mask») is situated in undefined space, plunged in darkness and its shadows created by the textures from the fabric under the light.