Artistic propositions



video loop, 8 min. & 4 sec., January - December 2014.

This videographic work produced with the camera of a computer takes a feminine mouth as its main motif. At first sight, the lips are painted in a classic red before starting to move in a manner evoking seduction. Over a second phase, the woman traces 6 directions following many arrows pointing around her oral cavity, then applies makeup to her teeth too. This provocative act marks the metamorphosis of the previous charming moment into a tragic vision, where the red color suddenly becomes the flag of death and destruction. In a last phase, the whole image gets blurry and takes us in a space oscillating between a cavernous obscurity and the rosy luminescence of the skin.

Trotz der Wellen, ein Hügel aus Sand // In spite of waves, a heap of sand

video loop, 13 min. & 50 sec., December 2014 / video installation, undefined found object, jury of January 2015, IKU/HGK.

An action and its repetition is documented into this video work. This simple gesture consists of endlessly reconstructing a heap of sand on the shore. At regular intervals, the crashing swell partially or entirely destroys the realized sculpture. More than exposing the real duration of a performance, this video includes editing work which regularly shifts the perspective and the location of the pile of sand, so that a series of unpredictable points of view is created. When the aggregate is finally left, a fisherman approaches. This intrusion indicates a return of the real which doesn’t cease to arise in spite of orchestrated parts.

Utopian Bodies

sketches & overviews of the outdoor installation (phases 1 & 3), three sculptures out of unfired clay, approx. 40cm x 40cm x 50cm, red and green pigments, red ropes, at "Eau fil de l'art", a path of sculptures in Morgins, June - September 2014.

The series of Utopian Bodies consists of organisms made from clay, shaped by spontaneous movements. This kind of process of realisation is what makes them «open artworks» - each spectator then might perceive different creatures & significations. Together, these three objetcs constitute a group or a micro-society. Each member has the competence to communicate through apertures, through some of the holes red ropes cross through to other members, implicating possible exchanges between these individuals. Moreover, this community is involved in a direct relationship with its environment. Under the influence of changing weather conditions, each of them endures constant modifications. This long-lasting event recalls the notion of becoming, due to simultaneous (re)creations and disintegrations.

Tale for Solstices (Lamartine reworked)

a found old book «Les Oeuvres poétiques de Lamartine, tome III», reworked with Indian ink, June 2014.

This project is a single piece using a found yellowed book by the french poet Lamartine, the third tome of a compilation. Here, it has been reworked by means of censure. All pages are more or less covered by traces of ink, either thin or thick lines. They form waves which allow a word or fragment to appear or plunge the entire surface into obscurity. The imprecision given by ellipses engenders many possibilities of interpretation. Through this process, a new poem emerges; an other tale is described, in which any lector can project himself and take part into the creation of sense. The prominent words were chosen in relation to what is called poetics - a process where life and death merge together - according to the black and white aesthetics of the book.