Artistic propositions



video loop, 2 min. & 31 sec., November 2015.

The adventurous journey of a young feminine figure is depicted in this video work named «Vault» in reference to the polysemy of this term; it can either mean a «crypt for a burial» or a «jump». This oxymoron succeeds in illustrating different movements included in this particular path. These coincide with various modes of being or temporary states of mind succeeding one another in this frenetic process. These symbolic events bring the figure from a wandering into informal waters to it is repeatedly trying to span a wall - until the advent of a new Self, nourished by the source. After all, what if water was flowing from her hands?


video loop, 3 min. & 46 sec., August 2015.

This unique sequence is based on one shot, which is more or less stable and remains unedited. The focus is concentrated on the current of a river, the Rhein. In its turbulences, swimmers pass by like passengers, carrying their luggage as if they were going on a journey or in exile - parsimoniously floating in front of our eyes, pulled along by the flow of the water.

Feats and remains of a demiurge // Prouesses et débris d’un démiurge

video loop, 2 min. & 46 sec., spring 2015, IKU/HGK.

In these sequences, a figure whose particular features have been hidden under an integral suit stands on a white background, as in a «nowhere». In this costume which simultaneously incarnates nobody and a human subject «x», the silhouette blows with increasing strength into a small red bird made of plastic. Its tongue rolls out according to the invested air. The scene with evolving crescendo manifests expression as a fundamental aspect of every so called «process of creation».

Turning round, somewhere closer

performative installation, 3 sculptures, approx. 28cm x 28cm x 45cm, Hatovix, acrylic colors, November 2014 – May 2015 ; performance made with H. Tapajnova et M. Rosset, at the exhibition "Kingdom of Fools", Filter 4, Basel, May 2015.


This series of masks  is based on the figure of a roman divinity, namely, Janus. This two-faced deity, representing antagonist feelings, consecrates the idea of «passage». From piece to piece, the number of faces increases until, on the third one, we don’t distinguish any particular features any more, all are transformed into sinusoidal curves. This project is understandable in diverse manners: as an installation, a performance carried out by masked individuals and, finally, as a participative environment which allows spectators to activate one or many of them. In this case, this artwork is an experience; for example, twirling around, one hand towards the sky and the other pointing to the earth, in search of a center in spite of the disorientation.


Fountain (in remembrance of B. Nauman)

video loop, 2 min. & 41 sec., video installation at the exhibition "Kingdom of Fools", Filter 4 (an old water tank), Basel, spring - summer 2015, IKU/HGK.

A unique sequence constitutes this videographic work, a relatively static shot, unedited. The effort of placing the extremity of the fountain, a baroque opening, in the middle of the picture is easily noticeable. The only movements added to this constant return to the center are those of the water, moving at the whilm of the wind. Blasts of air play the role of interference in this gushing expression, or the distribution of the liquid.