Artistic propositions


Shaping wishes

performance, undefined duration (about 7 persons each time, about 15 minutes per person), indian ink and hand-made paper, a desk with two sits and a number of voluntarily participating persons, here: dispositive, actions, example of a wish translated on paper "Spiritualität, Geborgenheit, Liebe" for R. A. C.R, took place once in the context of the collective exhibition at "Art des Hauses - junge Kunst 2017", Büsserach, May-June 2017

This performance realized in the context of the exhibition at "Art des Hauses" invites each person of the audience interested to deliver one wish, prayer or incantation to be drawn. The person sits in front of me and writes it down silently on one side of the paper. On the other side, the wish takes shape, as I try to connect with the person and her intent, using a similar codification and pattern as for the drawings arranged on the walls. The piece of paper is given back as some kind of talisman. This free action tends to share the method of work which was followed in the concretization of the installation "Magic interventions in the Flowing".

Magic interventions in the Flowing

Installation, 5 drawings, indian ink on hand-made papers, 78 x 106 cm, I. “Towards a new beginning” II. “For the holistic health of my friend C.“ III. “Channeling the spirits of shaman ancestors” IV. “Towards love with W. P. W. Benderscoot IV“ V. “Welcoming trust in me, in you, between us“, placed on a mural painted in situ, sculpture out of unfired clay "Becoming" (Januara 2016), December 2016 – May 2017, visible during the collective exhibition "Art des Hauses - junge Kunst 2017", Anna Maria Roth-Borer & Stiftung Hummenberg, 13th. May-10th. June 2017, Büsserach. 


The installation titled “Magic interventions in the Flowing“ explores the intent coupled with coincidence, their interactions. These few drawings, parts of a series which is indefinitely thickening itself, see a similar pattern populating their surfaces as the background. Those sinuous lines, called “fluxes”, are traced as they are arising under the spontaneous impulses of the fingers, without any other premeditation than the ambition set before entering into the process of realization. Each drawing owns a specific title delivering the initial intent which is recalling the enunciation of a prayer or a whish. Those pieces evoke the human potential to influence, by the intentionality, the events in which we are taken as those papers diving into the fluidity of the currents.