Artistic propositions


The profuse & sovereign All

found & reworked object: a round engraved mirror, prototype (approx. 50cm x 50cm), intercontextual installation, proposition for the Democratic Pavillon of the Venice Biennale, May 2018.

“The profuse & sovereign All” is a found and reworked object which leads to many temporary installations. A round mirror is engraved, covered by a pattern which I am used to call “fluxes”. A proliferation of lines extends itself all over the surface – disappointing any trial to grasp the center of the shape, which isn’t properly signified. In that, this object implies a critic against any monopolization or centralization of the power(s). Its reflecting materiality permits the fluxes to appear, half translucid - depending on the angle, double - on all possible fragments of the real. Everything is susceptible to be shown or included on the surface of the intercontextual piece. Consequently, a person, a group of persons, some natural or urban elements, animals, etc. can become empowered subjects, sovereigns in “The profuse & sovereign All”, if the observer’s eyes allow the artwork to fulfill its symbolic mission.

Centering. Infinity

collective painting, mixed technics (diverse paints and ashes), collaboration with Hilarius Dauag (realisation summer 2017), installation with live performances presented at the Jubilee for 75 years of the discovery of LSD by Albert Hoffman, Holzpark Klybeck, Basel, April 2018.

This multicolored painting on a big format is based on a triad of figures shaped and surrounded by concentric shapes. Achieved as a grateful & devotional ritual towards the cosmic forces, this painting evokes some energetic alignments to be realized inside of the human body - these give an access to a specific mode of being able to provoke a creative realization. As the famous entheogenic substance discovered by A. Hoffmann is commonly considered as a trigger for mystical experiences and other existential discoveries, this image, inviting the spectator to unveil it, reveals similar visions whether they are hallucinogenic or leading to the "spiritual" realm. 


performance, approx. 15 minutes, with Hilarius Dauag, costumes with straw, bamboos, feathers and a shell with nacre,  instrument built by Hilarius Dauag, open stage of the "Srinagar Performance Biennale", Mittlere Brücke, Basel, April 2018. 

The performance «Centering» gathers a sum of slow mouvements coupled with deep breathings aiming to consciously balance the energies and to go back to the energetic center of the body, invigorating it and setting it as a socle. In the vedic and taoïst traditions, this center is situated about a thumb lenght under the navel. This graceful dance mixing intercultural elements was realized in front of the chapel on the Mittlere Brücke in the center of the city from where the women accused of witchcraft were thrown into the river. This ritual is performed with the accompany of the professional musician Hilarius Dauag, playing a tala (a rhythm with a definite number of measures repeated like a mantra) on his self built harp-guitar to support and run alongside the subtle operation.


two sculptures out of soapstone linked by golden chains, summer-autumn 2017.