Current activities

artistic residency at the Fondation François Schneider, contemporary art and research about water, Wattwiller, France.
collective performance, a public musical improvisation public -open to the participation of each! for the "75 Jahre LSD Jubiläum", Eleusis, Holzpark Klybeck, Basel.
Srinagar Biennale Basel, Plattform Open Stage Open Air, participation with the performance "Centering" with Hilarius Dauag.
Bad Video Art Festival, collective exhibition, Gallery A3, Moscou.
public wall painting day (Vitrine), prints and objects, We Show Off, Usteristrasse 14, Zürich.
"Alchemic Body - Fire, air, water, earth", group show, dir. Luca Curci, IT'SLIQUID group, Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogota.
Art des Hauses - junge Kunst - 2017, collective exhibition, Anna Maria Roth-Borer & Stiftung Hummenberg, Büsserach.
"Every contact leaves a trace"// "Jede Berührung hinterlässt eine Spur", Bachelor & Master exhibition, curation by Lysann König & Chus Martinez, Institut Kunst, FHNW, Kunsthalle & Kaskadenkondensator, Basel
participation with 3 artworks in the project of the collective Dr. Kuckucks Labrador et le Kaskadenkondensator, Special Guests at the LISTE 21, Basel
the performance "Undefined I, undefined piece" played at the Act Festival 16, Dampfzentrale, Marzilistrasse 47, Bern
the performance "Undefined I, undefined piece" played at the Act Festival 16, Théâtre de l'Usine, Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11, Geneva
the performance "Undefined I, undefined piece" played at the Act Festival 16, from 18 PM on the Campus of the Arts, Freilager-Platz 1, IKU/FHNW, Basel
video loops «Fountain - in remembrance of B. Nauman» & «Vault» shown in the context of a «Happy-hour: video-Loops» at the Fabrikculture, Hegenheim, France
personal exhibition with two other artists, gallery Arcane, Corcelles, NE
"Kingdom of Fools", collective exhibition and performances, Filter 4, under the direction of Dawn Nilo, Basel
«Irma la Douce revisited», collective exhibition in the ancient whorehouse «Irma la Douce», a proposition from Simon Heusser in collaboration with the Institut Kunst / FHNW, Zurich
collective exhibition "Just before a Hike", Route du Rawyl, Swiss Ski School, curated by Véronique Ribordy, Crans-Montana
collective exhibition - an outdoor path of sculptures «Eau Fil de l’Art», Morgins
"Ecav", collective exhibition for the "Spring of young artists", Manoir of Martigny, curated by Anne Jean-Richard in collaboration with the "Ecav", Martigny, Valais
«ECAV: exhibition of the Bachelor and Master Diplomas in visual Arts», Halles Usego, Sierre