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a publication from "AkademikerVerlag" (DE), Reihe Geisteswissenschaften, July 2017:

"Points of Crystallization along the Becoming: Undefined I, undefined piece, Field of Mutations"

"Amongst those few pages, you will grasp and get an overview of a duet of works realized in the frame of a fine Arts Master degree completed in autumn 2016. "Undefined I, undefined piece” is an interdisciplinary work intertwining music, performance art and tap dance. This event - which found three occurrences to be played during the Act Festival in Switzerland - ends with a call for participation thrown at the public. In a second time, the undefined piece took a more static shape as a written documentation exposing the preceding intents of its author as well as unveiling the inner toughts of the undefined I, concealed under a integral suit. "Field of Mutations", the practical side of my art diploma, is a mixed media installation which the Kunsthalle Basel exhibited in a group show intitulated “Every Contact leaves a Trace”. Different fragments are gathered there, all of them revolving around the idea which constitutes the similar obsession and core of both works presented in this book, the blurry notion of Becoming."




Master thesis in Fine Arts, IKU / FHNW, 2016.

"Undefined I, undefined piece" 

(A reflexive work / Tales of the three attempts, perceived from the inside / The sung lyrics)

"Quand les objets artistiques à mettre en actes évoquent des rapports au monde: quel potentiel de créativité pratique et conceptuelle les artistes accordent-ils aux spectateurs?"